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Be aware of void property transactions if seller is insolvent

Posted by Emma Easton on August 20 2015 in Insolvency & restructuring, Real estate

There is always the risk with any property transaction that the seller could be selling at an under value because they are in financial difficulties and need a quick sale. If a pending winding up or bankruptcy petition is presented against the seller before the sale has completed, and which later results in a winding up or bankruptcy order, then the sale will be void – a fact the buyers are unlikely to know.

The perils of contracting on standard contract terms (business to business)

Posted by Justin Byrne on August 17 2015 in Commercial litigation & dispute resolution

In this, the seventh of a series of articles which looks at some of the most common perils of contracts and how to avoid those perils, we look at the perils of contracting on standard contract terms (business to business). Here we are considering standard terms in business to business contracts. Different considerations apply in business to consumer contracts, which we will consider in a separate article.

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