Divorce after 25 years

We are acting for a 50-year-old wife in divorce proceedings after a 25 year old marriage.

The available cash assets was significant as was the pension provision, significantly held in husband's sole name. Her husband, a senior executive, earnt a six figure salary net pa plus regular bonuses. Wife's earning capacity restricted when she gave up a career to be a full-time mother.

The case involved obtaining pension actuarial evidence given the significant pension income disparity. The husband argued that pre-marital contributions and inheritances should be considered when calculating the settlement.

Financial remedy proceedings were issued and it was agreed to use the first appointment as an FDR. The parties were subsequently then able to negotiate a settlement providing for a lump sum to the wife, a sale of the former matrimonial home, ongoing maintenance for the wife and a significant pension sharing order in her favour.

About the author

Justin Creed Head of the family team

Justin is a family and divorce lawyer, experienced in all aspects of family, divorce & matrimonial law. As a qualified collaborative lawyer and a member of Resolution, he actively seeks the resolution of disputes without involving the courts.