If you wish to establish a share incentive arrangement for all of your employees (rather than making awards on a selective basis), we have the expertise to help you design and implement a plan which meets your objectives. 

Details of the most commonly implemented forms of all employee incentive plans are set out below. 

Types of incentives

Why choose us?

When choosing a service provider you want to be sure that all the required deliverables will be provided and ideally that you will also receive added value. Choosing a legal product, such as an employee share scheme, is no different.

By choosing our employee incentives team, you will receive the following benefits:


Our team has a combined 23 years’ experience working exclusively on employee incentive matters. We specialise in incentives rather than it being one of a number of practice areas that we cover;

Combined tax and legal knowledge

Our two senior share schemes lawyers both have “Big Four” accountancy experience. Combined with working for large national law firms we are able to offer both legal and tax expertise to ensure that implementation and operation of the arrangements are effective and that tax efficiencies are secured;

Risk management

Selecting an adviser to implement your incentive plan can be difficult. In particular, differentiation between potential providers in terms of quality at the time of selecting your adviser may not always be clear with tax and/or commercial issues only arising post-implementation. Our team’s expertise and experience help us to ensure that all commercial, legal and tax risks are managed and removed;


Our specialist knowledge means that we can consider all of the “what ifs” for you. During years of advising clients, we have encountered pretty much all the challenges businesses face in implementing an incentive plan;


We pride ourselves on being able to provide innovative solutions to the design and implementation issues faced by businesses. We are often enlisted by other advisers to provide bespoke solutions to their clients’ incentive issues;


Most of our client contacts have a number competing priorities along with managing or implementing their incentive plans. We understand the importance of protecting your management time. We will drive the process for you. We regularly project manage the implementation of plans for our clients, including liaising with relevant stakeholders and other advisers to ensure timely and efficient delivery processes;

Genuine interest in your objectives

Properly designed employee incentives require an understanding of business and shareholder goals. We enjoy getting to know our clients’ businesses, shareholders’ personal objectives and the drivers behind the incentives and tailor our advice and solutions accordingly.


We understand that cost is a central consideration in choosing a legal services provider. Our expertise and lower charge out rates, when compared to our larger peer group competitors, enable us to deliver our services at competitive rates and offer great value for money. We offer a clear pricing structure; usually on the basis of fixed fees so there are no hidden surprises.