Enhance the value of your business - start planning early for your exit 

Have you considered your exit plans? Getting your business 'market ready' is vital to maximise its value and should be done years before you plan to sell. Early preparation will ensure a smooth, profitable sale when the time comes to exit. 

Join the experts from law firm Wright Hassall and accountants Burgis & Bullock at our free seminar. They will guide you through all of the areas that you need to consider before you exit from your business. 

Seminar programme

Simon Chapman, Corporate Finance Partner

  • Is your business saleable?
  • When to sell
  • How to identify buyers
  • 10 steps to prepare your business for sale

Steve Halkett, Corporate Associate

  • Asset sale vs share sale
  • Getting to know your business (due diligence)
  • Protecting the buyer - warranties, indemnities and restrictive covenants
  • Protecting you - disclosures and limitations

John Dormer, Employee Benefits & Incentive Partner

  • Locking in and incentivising your key people tax efficiently
  • Protecting existing shareholder value
  • Maximising incentive tax breaks

Morag Matthews, Personal Tax Partner

  • How Entrepreneurs Relief can cut the tax bill
  • Avoiding the tax traps of deferred payments

Christine Jackson, Commercial Partner

  • Improving the saleability of your business from the buyer's perspective
  • Ensuring your key contracts will support your sale
  • Standard terms or bespoke contracts - clauses to include/avoid