On the 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulations come into force and the new rules bring substantial additional obligations for organisations.

With large fines up to 4% of turnover or €20 million liable, non-compliance is a risk that housing associations cannot afford to take. This timely new conference will clarify the specific implications of GDPR for housing associations and look in-depth at how to overcome the challenges of delivering GDPR in housing.

Join Paula Tighe, Information Governance Director, Wright Hassall for a session on "Interpreting GDPR for housing"

  • Making your way through the maze - 10 easy steps to compliance and mitigating risk
  • Developing technical and organisational measures to demonstrate compliance with GDPR
  • Delivering data protection by design and by default
  • Data privacy impact assessments – what they are and how to do them
  • Understanding the legal basis for processing in housing – consent is dead, long live
  • legitimate interests
  • Are you a data processor, what are your liabilities?
  • Supplier management - Updating contractual terms with outsourced data processors to ensure
  • compliance with GDPR
  • How to undertake a personal data audit, what resource is needed and how to establish the
  • legal basis for processing
  • Understanding changes to data retention and exploring likely legal grounds for retention of particular data that housing associations commonly require

About the speaker

Paula Tighe Director of Information Governance

Paula is a qualified data protection professional and leads the trusted advisor information governance service.

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Delivering GDPR in Housing

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