Whatever the size of your organisation, dealing with people matters can be complicated and time-consuming. Our highly regarded employment law team regularly advise employers on all aspects of employment law and, through our fixed fee employment law retainer service “YEAR” (Your Employment Annual Retainer), we are able to provide clients with a cost-effective solution to employment law matters.

We understand how important your business is to you and more importantly, how valuable your time is, by allocating you a primary adviser, we get to know your business and the way you operate. You will also be appointed a secondary adviser who will remain up to date on your file in the event of your primary adviser being  unavailable. This means no call centres, no repetitive explanations and speedy responses.

YEAR membership includes:

  • An initial audit to review existing HR documents and to identify areas for improvement
  • Staff handbook and employment contracts, updating service (if required)
  • Employment law advice by telephone and email
  • Bespoke letters
  • Optional legal expenses insurance available

YEAR is a flexible service that aims to revolve around your business needs. We appreciate that you will not require our services every day or you may not require any advice for weeks at a time, however, when you do need us we are on hand and your bill is fixed and invoiced on the same day every month … so, no nasty surprises.

Is YEAR for your business?

Our current YEAR clients are made up of a number of different businesses, across different sectors, different sizes and alternative management and HR structures.

For small to medium businesses with little or no HR team or support, our team can be on hand to help with all the issues that arise daily, draft any documents and letters and provide a general HR support system for the management team within your business.

For larger organisations our team can support existing HR Managers with the more complex and technical issues that do not arise on a daily basis.

YEAR is for everyone and can be adapted to your business needs. This is a service for your business.

The story of YEAR

YEAR was established in 2016 by Tina Chander, who is a Partner and heads up the employment law team. Tina has over ten years’ experience in providing retained employment law services and implemented the YEAR model to ensure that businesses receive the maximum level of support. Tina will be your first point of contact in relation to YEAR and from there will assign you to a member of the team whose skill set is best suited to your business. Since 2016 the YEAR team has grown to a team of five dedicated employment law and HR specialists.

How is a YEAR quote calculated?

Unlike many similar retained employment law services on the market, we do not operate from a fixed pricing structure. All of our YEAR quotes are bespoke and based on your business. The two pieces of information we require to provide you with a YEAR quote is your annual wage bill and your current number of employees.

The small print

At present any advice about TUPE, redundancies of over 20 employees and tribunal claims are not included in a YEAR subscription. We operate on a transparent pricing structure so if any such issues were to arise, we would provide you with a precise quote for the costs anticipated and keep you updated as to our fee’s on your account.

Alongside YEAR membership, we are also pleased to offer the opportunity of optional legal expenses cover in the eventuality of any employment or HR issue we have previously advised on progressing to a tribunal. The legal expenses insurance would provide a contribution towards legal fees, barrister costs and insurance on any potential payout.