Whether you are part of a large legal team within an organisation or the sole lawyer in your business, it is essential that you can work with external lawyers who appreciate the pressures that you face - both from a budgetary and resource perspective.

A number of our solicitors have worked in house before returning to private practice and they recognise the challenges that being in house brings. 

One size fits one

Although organisations in similar sectors and geographies or with similar corporate structures can share some of the same challenges and opportunities, every business is different.  We invest time to understand your particular challenges and to find ways that we can support you more effectively, tailoring our approach accordingly. 

With some in house lawyers we advise on routine volume matters which we can process more efficiently and freeing their time to focus on matters which are of greater strategic importance to their organisation; for other in house lawyers we provide specialist skills which are lacking in house or which it would take too much time to acquire.

Fixed fees and alternatives to the hourly rates

In house lawyers have told us that they have faced considerable budgetary pressure over the last six years.  As their organisations have focused on cost savings in operational areas, the legal spend they manage has come under increasing scrutiny and they have had to look to their external advisers to support them in driving down cost and removing inefficiencies.  Lack of transparency in terms of budget planning on the part of external law firms is no longer acceptable - if it ever was.

At Wright Hassall we regularly provide in house lawyers with fixed or capped fees and alternatives to the hourly rate, whether this be retainer models or risk-based pricing proposals.  Our objective is to create a long term relationship with in house lawyers, providing them a cost effective service which they know that they can rely on.