July 2013 Archive

Liverpool Care Pathway to be phased out

Clinical negligence lawyer, Jeanette Whyman, considers the recent review into the future of the Liverpool Care Pathway scheme, originally set up to introduce the high standards of hospice palliative care into hospitals. Although many hospitals have successfully been using this method of caring for the dying for a number of years, a recent review led by Rabbi Julia Neuberger has found widespread evidence of abuse of the system, much to the distress of the families of the affected patients.

The future of the NHS in our hands

As the NHS turns 65, and as a potential £30bn funding gap over the next seven years is revealed, clinical negligence solicitor Jeanette Whyman considers its long term viability. Two recent reports, albeit unrelated, have highlighted the necessity of extracting the best value for money out of the NHS but without compromising the quality of care or the delivery of core NHS services.
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