January 2014 Archive

Inquests highlight NHS failures

Last year, the NHS was subjected to a series of reviews and reports outlining chronic, systemic failures throughout the country with barely a region escaping the spotlight. The new year has hardly begun but the outcome of three recent inquests suggest that the pain is not yet over for our health system as both clinical negligence and managerial incompetence are cited as contributory factors in patient deaths.

Local hospitals under pressure

The revelation that Julie Bailey, awarded a CBE in the New Year’s Honour List for her role in uncovering the abuse at Stafford Hospital, has been attacked on Twitter underlines the difficulty ahead for those proposing to reduce the services offered by community hospitals. Local campaigners, determined to oppose the downgrading of Stafford Hospital following the scandal, accuse Mrs Bailey of throwing the baby out with the bathwater – essentially undermining the whole hospital on the basis of a few bad apples

Sir Ian Kennedy reports on failure to suspend Ian Paterson

At the end of 2012 I wrote about the scandal of Ian Paterson’s ‘cleavage sparing’ mastectomy (an operation which leaves some breast tissue for cosmetic reasons) which, despite concerns being raised about the technique ten years ago, he continued to perform until 2011. A recent report published by Sir Ian Kennedy reveals the reasons why so many women continued to be harmed for so long. His main criticism was reserved for the ‘weak, indecisive leadership’ at Heart of England NHS Trust which employed him.
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