March 2014 Archive

Constructing flood resistant developments

The apocalyptic weather endured by Britain over the last few months has, inevitably, reignited the discussion about building in flood prone areas. A similar debate triggered after the 2007 floods resulted in the independent Pitt Review which concluded that much of the problem was due, among other things, to poor water management infrastructure and excessive surface water run-off. One answer may be greater take up of SuDs

Lies, damned lies and mortality statistics

Last year I wrote about hospital mortality statistics which were being used, through a standardised process known as HSMR, to identify failing hospitals. Although the NHS Medical Director, Sir Brian Keogh did not consider them to be a ‘perfect science’, he did believe that they could be constructively used in flagging up potential problems. However, a recent BBC File on Four programme ‘Deadly Hospitals?’ will have reignited public concerns about what they can and cannot believe about the state of the nation’s hospitals.
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