June 2014 Archive

Will disputes and the law of the land

Many UK residents dream of retiring or moving abroad to a warmer climate in the hope of a better life for themselves and their family. It’s an experience many people find fulfilling and rewarding: they settle into their new life with renewed vigour and enjoy the sunshine and variety a new country and culture can offer.

Maternity services under pressure

A case in which I advised the parents of a four-day old baby who died in 2012 after being deprived of oxygen has recently been in the news as the family has only just received a five-figure settlement and an apology from Warwick Hospital. An inquest, held in June 2013, heard how failings in Daniel’s care during labour had led to his death. These included three different midwives failing to read his mother’s antenatal notes which would have revealed her as a medium risk patient; one of the midwives having a history of making mistakes; and a failure by staff to monitor the foetal heart properly.

Health and social care integration – can it be done?

When the new Chief Executive of NHS England, Simon Stevens, made his inaugural speech in May to the NHS Confederation in Liverpool, setting out what he saw as the priorities for a reformed NHS, concerns about the future affordability of the NHS in its current guise continued to pepper the front pages. The most pressing worry is the impact of an aging population on health and social care resources. A solution to the difficulty of coordinating medical and social care provided by two different entities on different charging bases is the creation of the Better Care Fund, due to be launched in 2015.
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