June 2015 Archive

Is this the start of regulation of the cosmetic surgery industry?

The lack of regulation of the cosmetic surgery industry has been a major bone of contention of mine for some time. Therefore, the news that the GMC has issued new guidance recommending doctors to give patients a cooling off period between agreeing to cosmetic surgery and actually undergoing the procedure is, hopefully, the first step to more robust regulation.

CARE Advice Awards

The CARE advice awards are designed to recognise the very best care advice available for consumers and the care sector alike. The awards are all inclusive and bring together care magazines, forums and blogs to highlight their dedication to helping those in need of CARE.

British doctors more likely to delay referral for cancer

In the Health Ombudsman’s recent report ‘Dying with Dignity’ one of the failures identified in end of life care was the delay in referral, and subsequent diagnosis, of terminal illness, preventing sufferers from being able to put their affairs in order. This failure has been reinforced by the results of a survey (recently reported in BMJ Open) which was carried out among GPs in the UK, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Australia and Canada (chosen because they all have similar primary healthcare systems).
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