The CARE Advice Awards are designed to recognise the very best care advice available for both consumers and the care sector alike. The Awards are open to every type of resource that provides care advice, both on line and offline, including magazines, forums and blogs.

The qualifying criteria include:

  • Clear, concise information
  • Good use of case studies
  • Good signposting to other sources of information and support
  • Practical advice and FAQs
  • Good navigation (for online resources)

These awards are designed to dovetail with our recent initiative, the CARE checklist, which we launched to coincide with NHS Change Day in March this year. The idea of the checklist is to enable patients’ relatives to have easy access to a simple checklist which will help identify whether basic but vital care procedures are being missed in hospitals and care homes.

Winning criteria

The winners have been chosen because they have focused on the needs of the person seeking information about care, regardless of whether it is for themselves or for a relative. They have given lots of practical advice and taken readers / viewers through the process step by step. We would commend these sites as ‘go to’ sources of information for anyone needing advice on care in the UK.

Inspiration behind the Award

Jeanette Whyman, a partner at Wright Hassall, regularly deals with complaints involving the care sector, particularly care for elderly. She understands the frustrations of those trying to navigate their way round the care sector from her own experience of doing so when her mother was ill: “The idea came about partly because of the growing number of very sad medical negligence claims I deal with but also as a result of my own Mum’s stay in hospital and the personal frustration I faced trying to flag up my concerns to staff”.

Our Care Advice Awards are designed to encourage easy access to good advice and to help ingrain good practice across the sector.

Personal advice winners

These websites, magazines and blogs have been recognised for the information they offer to individuals who may be caring for a family member. They offer practical and supportive advice for carers.

Carers Trust

The Carers Trust offer the most comprehensive list of resources for those caring for family members or friends. They also have an excellent blog from Moira Fraser, Director of Policy at Carers Trust.

Moira ensures that the issues affecting carers are taken to Government, "and sometimes, they listen to us and change things for the better."

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Carers UK

Carers UK is a UK charity with a history stretching back to the 1960s. Over the years countless thousands of their members, as carers themselves, have fought for a better deal for carers. Their website is awash with information for carers, key to this is the forum where carers can chat and share information and advice so they ‘never feel alone’.

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Independent Age

Founded 150 years ago, Independent Age offers advice and support for older people. They work with a network of 1,500 volunteers offering advice on a range of issues from getting help at home to care assessment and benefit entitlements. Their website is packed with advice via their blog and ‘wise guides’. 

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FirstStop Advice

FirstStop Advice is an independent, impartial and free advice service provided by the national charity Elderly Accommodation Counsel (EAC) in partnership with national organisations.

The advice service is delivered through their website, factsheets and guides. It is aimed at older people, and their families and carers. The advice is tailored to allow older people to get the help or care they need and live as independently as possible.  

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National Careline

The National Careline was founded by Barbara Davies, it is a not for profit advice service for older people and their families. The website is always changing with new topical content and advice. Under lifestyle partners the site offers support for those with mobility problems, those needing care or those caring for others.

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My Ageing Parent

My Ageing Parent is a website aimed at the families and carers of older parents, friends or other relatives, their moto is “helping you to help them". The website is packed full of information designed to help find the answers to all the questions people might have about caring for an older person. It also importantly offers advice on making sure you look after yourself and not just your older relative.

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Paying For Care

Paying for care is a not for profit company offering a multitude of free advice for those looking at care options and their families. They offer calculators to help you work out care fees, a live chat facility to talk to a specialist and advice and guidance on their website with all funding options covered.  

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A Place For Mom

A Place for Mom was founded more than 14 years ago to help families navigate the maze of senior housing options. Although focusing on the U.S. and Canada the resource site offers some excellent and compassionate senior care advice. Please note the legal advice is not relevant to the UK.

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Care To Be Different

Care To Be Different was set up by Angela Sherman after her own parents’ experience of the UK care system.

She developed the website as a specialist information resource, providing practical information about NHS Continuing Healthcare funding and other care matters.

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When They Get Older

When They Get Older was created to meet the growing need of people who are trying to support ageing and elderly relatives and parents whilst running their career and family life. They provide unique advice gathered from industry experts and point you in the right direction for further information.

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Alzheimer's Society's Talking Point

Alzheimer's Society is possibly the most recognised face for care. They have a site bursting with care information and an online discussion forum for anyone affected by dementia. It's a place to ask for advice, share information, join in discussions and feel supported.

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Aging Care

Another US based site that deserves recognition for its outstanding practical advice on caring for the elderly. Particularly for its advice on looking after yourself whilst caring for your elderly relative. There is also a forum where care givers can seek support from others in the same position. Again, please note the legal advice will not be relevant to the UK.

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Age UK 

The Age UK blog is designed to help people make sense of the key decisions and issues that affect people in later life. The articles are written by Age UK experts, they tend to be on the political and policy developments that impact older people’s lives. The blog actively encourages people to get involved and offer their advice, questions and opinions. 

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Inside Elder Care

Inside Elder Care is a very personal blog from Ryan Malone. In 2005 his mother suffered a stroke and he found himself as her carer. The blog offers some excellent articles and tips on how to care for elderly relatives and friends. Ryan comments "My goal is to educate and inspire you to make your elder care experience a positive on for you and your family"

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Age Watch

Age Watch is a new not for profit launched in 2011. Their aim is to help people live longer, healthier lives without chronic pain or illness. Their articles discuss many of the things people can do to slow the process of ageing and increase the prospects of living a longer, healthier life. The self-help style advice covers diet, fitness and illnesses. 

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Care Watch

Care Watch are a commercial care organisation, their website includes some excellent tips and resources for those who find themselves as carers, they regularly blog about tips and advice for looking after an elderly relative, and other home care related articles.

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Caron Cares

Caron Cares is a blog run by an independent carer of the elderly. Her blog offers a huge resource of over 600 articles and posts about caring for an elderly person  here  with ideas and suggestions on how you can help keep them independent and safe in their home.

Caron writes with real passion and insight because she genuinely cares about the well-being of the elderly and see's on a daily basis the struggles they endure and how they can be helped. 

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Sector advice

Our sector advice winners have been recognised for the information they offer to managers and individuals who work in the care sector, from social workers to care home managers there is advice to help everyone in their role to provide better care. 

Care Talk Magazine

"The voice of excellence in social care" Care Talk Magazine is a printed and digital edition magazine offering articles and advice to the people at the heart of the care sector. They regularly feature advice from leading industry experts on all aspects of care. 

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Community Care

Community Care is an industry leading online publication recognised for helping social care professionals in all aspects of their role. They offer practical advice on the care of adults, children and mental health as well as news and policy on the care sector.

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Caring Times 

Caring Times is a digital and printed magazine for care sector management professionals. It is published monthly, it contains news, features, analysis, professional advice, people and quality care organisation profiles and reviews of government policy. It also has an online blog section offering comment on the latest changes in the care sector.

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Caring UK

Caring UK is a magazine for managers in the elderly care sector.  Their editorial pages feature columnists, parliamentary and legal updates, news and people stories. They also offer a series of conferences and events for further advice on the elderly care sector. 

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Skills for Care

Skills for Care is the employer-led workforce development body for adult social care in England, a growing sector that currently has around 1.5 million workers. They produce a ‘CARE’ magazine three times a year which is packed full of information, guides and assistance on areas such as qualification for people working in care.

Their aim is to work with employers and share best practice, to help raise quality and standards across the whole adult care sector and ensure dignity and respect is at the heart of service delivery. 

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Care Industry News

Care Industry News covers news for UK care providers of elderly care, residential & nursing care, assisted living, homes with care, social care, home care, domiciliary care, retirement villages, mental health and mental illness issues, acquired brain injury and all other types of adult care.

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About the author

Jeanette Whyman Partner

Jeanette is head of the medical negligence team. Having worked previously for Hospital Trusts, Jeanette has extensive knowledge of hospital practices and procedures. This means that she is able to assess a case speedily and to anticipate the other parties' position – this enables her to put forward the best possible case on behalf of her client.