£120m made available to rural businesses

At the Oxford Farming Conference on the 4th January, Andrea Leadsom announced that a £120m fund would be made available by application for rural businesses.

This fund is to be dispensed by the Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE), who has a track record of helping to boost the job market in rural communities on previous projects, alongside generally benefitting the natural environment, restoring flood plains and ensuring the latest in agricultural technology is in place.The goals of this current project, through the new available funding, is to support new businesses and existing companies in their growth, to develop new products and access new markets.

A portion of the funds have already been allocated, and beneficiaries include Dovecote Farm in Northamptonshire, who have used the funds to restore flood-plain meadows and grassland along the Nene Valley. Any other rural businesses that wish to benefit from the funds must ensure that any plans they have made with the investment must be in line with the government’s “domestic strategic priorities”.

Further information is provided by the Rural Services Network.

What’s happened?

  • Andrea Leadsom announced, at Oxford Farming Conference, that £120m would be made available to rural businesses, if they apply for the Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) Growth Programme. 
  • This would generate thousands more jobs.

What is RDPE?

  • Development programme which has already supported the installation of cutting-edge equipment and restoring flood plains.
  • Has also helped improve the natural environment in the past.
  • 120m fund is one aspect of RDPE. They’re also helping protect 2.5m hectares of farmed land and create 6,750 rural jobs.

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A partner in the Farming and Rural Business Team, Alex specialises in non-contentious property matters for agricultural and rural landowners and tenants.