April 2017 Archive

Driving you around the bend; it’s safer to drive in the North

In recent years there have been huge strides in road safety; both the cars we drive, and the roads we travel on are safer. Yet, the number of deaths on UK roads has not reduced significantly in the last six years. Last year alone 1,730 people died, and 22,144 were seriously injured in road accidents.

Fees payable on the application for a grant of probate

At the end of February 2017, a new proposal was issued relating to the fees payable on the application for a grant of probate in an individual’s estate. The announcement of the new fee scale was greeted by a (understandable) chorus of disapproval from both lawyers and consumer groups who dubbed it an unfair death tax as it would mean huge increases for many.

How can technology benefit care homes?

Technology is becoming an ever-increasing presence in our daily lives. From the moment we wake up, to the moment we hit the pillow again, a bright screen is never more than an arm’s length away. And yet, the one generation which has missed this revolutionary bus is perhaps the most in need of its potentially stimulating effects: the elderly.

Fitness tracking sheep

Our romanticised, and already incorrect, image of a shepherd huddling into their hut with a warm bowl of soup, after a long day of caring for their sheep, needs to be updated.

The legal downfall of Oculus

It’s 2012 in Irvine, California, and a young, enigmatic, designer and 3D and virtual reality forum moderator named Palmer Luckey creates two copies of a head-mounted display prototype, with the goal of commercialising virtual reality.

Augmented reality in healthcare

It’s 2014, and a group of enthusiastic medical students crowd into a conference room to witness a first; live streamed surgery. The surgeon goes about his business in his usual calm and professional manner, except he’s wearing a pair of technologically imbued glasses and talking to the students through a microphone.
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