What’s the public’s perception of autonomous vehicles?

There’s no denying the autonomous future for the car industry. With the added screen time while your car drives itself, businesses view self-driving cars as a marketing opportunity. Partnerships to bring these advertising opportunities to light are being formed between software companies and car manufacturers. But while the people delivering the future to your doorstep are happy, how are the consumers feeling?

2015 and the driverless car - "that was the year that was"

It has long been estimated that over 90 per cent of motor accidents are actually caused by driver error. If this can be reduced, then this can only benefit both the industry and insurers (and society in general via more reliable robotic procedures, increasingly efficient traffic flows, and economical driving which would benefit the environment). However, human/machine interaction is the key – will we all be happy to give up control to a machine, and how does this sit with the traditional approach of the vehicle manufacturer?

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