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Coventry and Warwickshire: best for business!

It is not just London profiting from an influx of foreign investment: Birmingham is drawing the eye of investors unable to get a toehold in the south east and this will undoubtedly create a ripple effect across the region. Coventry and Warwickshire stand first in line - the major infrastructure improvements currently underway to upgrade the city environment, county road network and employment space provision are all contributing to a vibrant local economy. Barry Sankey gives his personal take on the upward trajectory of the Coventry and Warwickshire economy.

Organising a sports event? Do your T&Cs protect you?

Sports events have recently seen an increase in property thefts leading to competitors calling for better security. Naturally, event organisers are concerned about the extent of their liability for thefts of this nature. After all, regardless of what security steps are taken, can event organisers ever eliminate the risk of theft being committed by third parties?

Protect your brand

Maximising farm income from both the core business of farming and any ancillary business venture(s) is an ongoing preoccupation for most of our clients. One way in which a farm business could increase the revenue stream from, say, a well-established food product with an excellent reputation for quality, could be to link up with another business with similar values and which has access to a larger market.

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