Share schemes & incentives

The end of the holiday pay scheme for construction businesses

The holiday pay scheme was a valuable concession and meant that employers or employees did not pay NIC on holiday pay if that pay came via an independently managed central fund to which several employers contributed. In 2007 the government made a decision to withdraw the scheme. Employers in the construction industry were then given five years grace to operate the scheme following the decision. This five year period ended on 31 October.

"Owner-employees" - promoting employee share ownership?

Following on from announcements that the Government are looking to promote this as the “decade for employee share ownership”, George Osborne recently announced plans for a new kind of employment contract for “owner-employees”. Owner-employees can swap certain UK employment rights for shares in the business they work for with the gains on those shares being exempt from capital gains tax. The arrangements are to be available for all sizes of companies but particularly targeted to those with growth potential.

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