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5 ways in which divorce can affect your social life

Marriage can have a serious effect on your social life. No longer considered an individual, but now generally viewed by others as a couple, what you do in your spare time will often be activities that you can share with your partner. After a divorce, the comfortability with which you have probably associated yours and your partners status as a pair is effectively shattered, and you must now get used to acting as a single entity again.

Changing a child's surname

If the mother of your children remarries, can she change your child's surname without your consent? The answer is no. If you share parental responsibility for your children with your ex-wife then she cannot legally change their surnames without your consent. In fact, the courts have stated that a name change is so important that any father should be asked to give his consent.

Considerations for unmarried couples purchasing property

The number of couples who buy property together without marrying or planning to marry is increasing each year. Consequently, the number of cases that involve a dispute over how a property is owned is also on the rise. A jointly owned property that is owned by a cohabiting couple, even if they have cohabited for a long time, is not treated in the same way as a matrimonial home would be in a divorce.

Should you get a separation agreement?

If you are separated but don't want to divorce just yet, perhaps until your children are older, it would be sensible to have a separation agreement. A separation agreement is a written agreement which confirms what you have both agreed should happen once you no longer live together. It sets out how you wish to deal with the finances and any arrangements for your children.

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