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Protect your compensation money and benefits with a personal injury trust

At present, if you receive compensation for a personal injury, the amount will be taken into account if you are assessed for means-tested benefits. One way of protecting both your compensation money and any benefit entitlements is to transfer the money into a personal injury trust, also known as a PI Trust. If you do this, you can receive both income and capital and the fund is not taken into consideration for the purpose of assessing you for benefits.

Protect your family's money from business insolvency

Company and personal insolvency is a growing threat in these economically turbulent times. Customers unable to pay bills, a drop in demand for products or services and a cooling property market are all factors that can undermine a business’s financial stability. In these circumstances it pays to try and ring fence family money and bequests from the hands of the receivers or other creditors through estate and tax planning.

Horse passports and studbooks

Horse passports are now an everyday part of owning, transporting and dealing in horses. However, it is still not fully appreciated the background that resulted in this apparent bureaucratic quagmire. In most circumstances the owners or keepers of horses need to be in possession of a passport, and horses mean all members of the equine or asinine species or crossbreeds of those species, but it does not include zebras! Passports are obtained from “passport-issuing organisations” including breed organisations that maintain stud books.
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