October 2010 Archive

Recovering co-mingled goods

In the current climate, insolvency is usually the reason for nonpayment for goods supplied. But contractors that supply a product that becomes mixed with, or attached to, the buyer’s property face particular difficulty in retrieving those goods in the event of nonpayment. This problem is compounded when the goods supplied end up in a third party’s hands, on land owned by someone other than the original buyer. Can that product be recovered due to nonpayment?

Can I take my child on holiday?

As the summer season approaches separated parents can often find themselves at loggerheads over holiday arrangements particularly if the trip is overseas. How do the rules apply to such situations? In most modern relationships both the child’s mother and father share parental responsibility for their child. Schools are used to providing information to parents sharing parental responsibility and will ensure the holiday dates for the forthcoming year are available. The best option is to reach an agreement for the year. In the absence of agreement, what can be done?
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