April 2012 Archive

Online trading – proposed changes to consumer rights

The Consumer Rights Directive 2011/83 aims to strengthen consumers' rights across the EU particularly when shopping online. What should you be doing now to get your website and online terms ready? The UK must pass domestic law so as to comply with the Directive by 13 December 2013. Although this is still some way off the key points you should be aware of.

Transporting your horse: is your horsebox overloaded?

Horseboxes and towing vehicles driven on public roads are subject to legal weight restrictions. If a vehicle is found to be overloaded then the driver will be held liable and will have committed an offence even if they are not the owner. Roadside checks by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency have prevented riders from continuing on their journey when it has been discovered that their vehicle is overloaded. A vehicle is considered to be overloaded if its weight exceeds the gross vehicle weight as stated on the manufacturer’s plate.

Rural economy grant

Following last year’s review into rural economic growth by Defra, the Rural Economy Grant (REG) was launched in February by the Rural Development Programme to inject funding into the rural economy. Because overall funds are limited to a total pot of £60m, there will be a competitive application process with only eligible businesses that can show a real return on investment likely to be successful.
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