July 2013 Archive

CAP reform remains shrouded in uncertainty

Despite the best efforts of the Irish Presidency to secure a last minute agreement on CAP reform before handing over to Lithuania at the end of June, the result is anything but clear. Broad agreement has been reached on the direction of the reform but the detail is still being developed, in particular the financial aspects which are still to be decided in further budget talks.

Lease renewals

The three cases outlined illustrate the complexities of leasehold law – not only the importance of understanding the deadlines for renewal but also ensuring correct drafting of the lease in the first instance. Although the examples we examine here are unusual, the principles at stake are universal.

Will failing councils herald a goodbye to 'Localism'?

Seven councils identified as facing ‘special measures’ for poor performance in processing planning applications, could face being bypassed by applicants for planning permission. Under provisions (to be published in the autumn) in the Growth and Infrastructure Act (the “Act”), applicants will have the option to apply direct to the Secretary of State if a council has been designated ‘poor performing’. This could mean that major planning applications for new housing developments, infrastructure projects and commercial developments could be speeded up.
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