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Free your arbitrator

One of the key benefits of arbitration, in addition to privacy and confidentiality, is the flexible nature of the arbitration process. For a very long time arbitrations over commodities, such as corn, have been conducted by the simple process of the arbitrator sniffing and feeling the corn and declaring whether it is good or bad. So the arbitration process can be very swift and effective.

Adjudication has worked for the construction sector and can now be sensitively and flexibly expanded to other sectors

A sustained cull of the courts in England and Wales is underway. Many provincial courts are being closed and there has been a huge increase in court fees, adding to the cost of litigation. Against this background, the need for alternatives to court-led dispute resolution is plain. Two such alternatives are arbitration and adjudication.

Hacking, cybercrime and fraud in property transactions – can you recover from your solicitor?

BBC Panorama reported last night on how easy it is to hack into computers and websites. Ostensibly about the TalkTalk hacking, the programme also reported on the alarming case of someone whose email account was hacked to divert a significant sum of money that was supposed to be used to buy a house.
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