January 2016 Archive

Farmer’s compensation claims for losses caused by the pumping of floodwaters onto their land has been clarified

The Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) has clarified the circumstances in which a local authority will be liable to pay compensation to farmers for crop losses caused by floodwater being pumped onto their land and away from villages. The clarification will be of particular importance to farmers in the north of England following the recent severe floods

Recent Developments relating to Deathbed Gifts

During August 2014 I posted an article concerning the case of Vallee v Birchwood (re. Bogusz Deceased): a decision in respect of a deathbed gift. In that case it was found that a deathbed gift had been made. The brief circumstances were that the deceased told his adoptive daughter that he did not think he had long to live and he wanted her to have his house when he died.

Modern Slavery Act 2015: Do you need to comply?

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 (“MSA”) received royal assent in March 2015, but one of its most important provisions only recently came into force at the end of October. The provision in question is section 54;this provides that commercial organisations which satisfy particular criteria must prepare a slavery and human trafficking statement for each financial year.
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