June 2016 Archive

Wife receives financial settlement 24 years after divorcing

The Supreme Court has ruled that a wife is entitled to a financial settlement from her ex-husband despite separating over 31 years ago, finally divorcing in 1992. This is a particularly unusual case because of the long time delay in bringing the claim and the fact that, for a large proportion of that time neither party had, due to their alternative lifestyles, any visible means of support, other than state benefits.

JCT 2016 construction contracts – what has changed?

It does not seem 5 minutes, let alone 5 years, since we were last examining the ‘new’ JCT approach, in that case arising from new legislation. This time round, the JCT has taken the opportunity to pull in a number of key cases and pieces of relevant legislation to their updated contract suite, for which they have initially (rather cautiously in my view) only released the Minor Works family.
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