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Yet a further judgment on Safeway Ltd v Newton and Safeway Pension Trustees Ltd – and not the last…

For those in the pensions industry, it seems that this case has been rumbling through the courts for a very long time; not least, because the subject matter to which it relates has not only been considered by the courts in high profile pensions cases a number of times, but also the fact that it relates to a decision made nearly 30 years ago.

What is a reasonable financial provision from an estate?

In 2018 Pauline Lomax issued proceedings for reasonable financial provision from the estate of her late husband under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975 (‘Inheritance Act’). Her step son Stuart Lomax is defending the proceedings on the basis that her claim has no merit as he believes adequate provision has already been made for her under the terms of the deceased’s will dated 23 December 2013 (‘the Will’).
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