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Manufacturing out of contract – whose terms are you contracting on?

A contract for the manufacture of goods has recently expired, but what happens if to continue to receive orders? Manufacturing contracts are often entered into for a fixed period of time (often referred to as the “term” of the agreement). Whilst it helps to deal with what happens after the term of the contract, for example either automatically extending the contract into a “run-off” period, or even a provision that states the parties will review the situation, it is not always the case.

Advertising your game – playing fairly when it comes to sponsored reviews

In July this year Warner Brothers were wrapped on the knuckles by the American advertising watchdog, the Federal Trade Commission (the FTC). The FTC found that Warner Brothers had failed to adequately disclose to YouTube users that it paid influencers on the social media site "hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars" in return for those influencers to create sponsored videos that promote the game only in a positive way.
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