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Design rights are potentially very valuable business assets

Many items which may not be described as having been “designed” in the aesthetic sense, can qualify as design rights and attract protection. A product does not have to look pleasing to the eye to attract protection. design law defines design as the design of any aspect of the shape or configuration whether internal or external of the whole or part of an article. This has a wide ranging application and will apply to the design of almost any new product sold which looks different to products that have gone before. Although there are some exceptions which limit the application of design law to some products, if design right protection does apply then you will have the right to stop competitors from copying such a design. This could be very valuable.

Intellectual property in the downturn

Intellectual property (IP) is a diversity of legal rights in creations of the intellect. Specific IP such as patents, design rights and trade marks may constitute 90% of the value of the world’s top 2000 companies. A huge amount of IP owned is not exploited to its fullest capacity or exploited at all.

Protecting your intellectual property

The value of the intellectual property held by your business should not go unnoticed or be underestimated. Intellectual property is usually the result of years of hard work which may have been undertaken by you personally or by the employees of your business, and is often produced at great cost and expense in terms of time and financial commitment. Consequently, the results of such work should be identified, protected and exploited as fully as possible. Your intellectual property is capable of conferring a huge benefit on your business.
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