October 2012 Archive

Guide to buying your home

Buying a home can be a complex and daunting prospect, particularly if you are a first time buyer. This guide outlines the process so you can see what is involved at each stage and how we can help you. The first step to buying your home is deciding how you will finance the purchase. You will need to secure any appropriate finance either through a mortgage or legal charge on your property.

Guide to software implementation

When a business buys a software package for its business, the software package needs to be installed so it can run with the other software used by the business and then rolled out to all the users in the business. This is software implementation. The company implementing the software may not be the company supplying the software, although it often is. How does software implementation work and what can go wrong?

Guide to selling a leasehold property

This guide outlines some of the additional matters you need to be aware of when selling a leasehold property. If the property is leasehold and you have a landlord or make payments to a management company then in addition to the usual forms we shall also require a number of others. These will need to be supplied by your landlord or managing agent who may charge for this.
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