April 2014 Archive

Guide to making redundancies

Redundancies are a harsh reality that many businesses may be forced to face and it is a difficult process for both employers and employees to go through. But with the right approach, the process can be made more transparent and fair which is likely to lead to a more positive response from both parties. If employers follow the correct process, it is also likely to reduce the risk of successful claims being made. This guide summarises the steps an employer will need to take when making redundancies.

Guide to settlement agreements

What is a settlement agreement? A binding agreement without the use of an Acas conciliator between an employer and an employee (or other parties to a statutory claim) which either settles the claim or refrains the employee from commencing a claim. This guide will answer common questions about settlement agreements including: what are the conditions for a valid settlement agreement? Can all claims be settled by a settlement agreement? and how can settlement agreements be enforced?
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