Outsourcing & technology

Guide to software implementation

When a business buys a software package for its business, the software package needs to be installed so it can run with the other software used by the business and then rolled out to all the users in the business. This is software implementation. The company implementing the software may not be the company supplying the software, although it often is. How does software implementation work and what can go wrong?

Guide to website development

Why do I need a website development agreement? Any business’ website is its window on the world. It is important to have a well-designed, attractive looking and easy to navigate website. To achieve this, a business will engage a website designer/developer to develop the website. This should be recorded in the website design or development agreement. This guide covers some of the issues that need to be considered in these agreements.

Guide to outsourcing

When a business wants to save costs, it can engage a specialist company to provide certain business processes to it, such as its IT requirements or its payroll requirements. This is known as outsourcing. Businesses outsource for different reasons, including to: improve quality; save costs; focus on core business; and establish variable costs.

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