Commercial disputes

Guide to Injunctions

An injunction is a Court Order prohibiting a person from doing something or requiring a person to do something. As a first stage, an interim (or temporary) injunction will be obtained which will last until a further Court Order is made or the trial is heard in full.

Guide to funding a litigation claim

Before you can decide whether to pursue or defend a claim, you need to know how much the process will cost, when the fees will need to be paid and what the options are for funding those costs. There are various ways in which the costs of litigation can be managed, budgeted or funded.

How to write a letter of complaint

At some point, whether business or personal, most people are going to have to write a letter of complaint. This could be against your bank, your professional advisor or any company whose service of product has left you feeling frustrated and displeased. Most issues of this type can be resolved swiftly with a firm, but polite, letter of complaint.

A simple guide to Interest Rate Hedging Products or ‘Swaps’

A diverse range of small businesses have been affected by ‘hedging products’ that were sold by the banks over the last ten years. Intended to protect borrowers against exposure to interest rate rises they actually resulted in huge on-going exposure to pay large sums to the banks each month following the fall in interest rates. This has led to a huge number of claims against the banks that mis-sold these products, often known as swaps.

Guide to how Wright Hassall can help with your agricultural disputes

Wright Hassall’s agricultural team includes specialist dispute resolution lawyers with experience in all areas of farming-related litigation. One of the leading legal directories, Chambers UK 2013, describes the agricultural team as ‘winning plaudits’ due to their hands on approach and “being across the kitchen table" from their clients.

Guide to website development

Why do I need a website development agreement? Any business’ website is its window on the world. It is important to have a well-designed, attractive looking and easy to navigate website. To achieve this, a business will engage a website designer/developer to develop the website. This should be recorded in the website design or development agreement. This guide covers some of the issues that need to be considered in these agreements.

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