As an operational leader, John works to understand what the business wants to achieve and how this can benefit its clients and employees.

This requires getting to know the team that deliver the services to our clients, what supports them well in the delivery in their responsibilities and what hinders them. By establishing strong working relationships with all key stakeholders, John then works to address the issues that prevent the team from delivering a strong and/or efficient service.

John likes to be heavily involved in the creation of a Vision for the firm’s employees so that clear strategies to achieving the vision can be established and converted in to clear, measurable objectives.

Once the team are clear on what is needed, a robust performance management approach is then applied to recognise the successes as they arise and supportive actions where progress is below expectations.

John firmly believes that by being open, honest and clear on all matters, a team has a good understanding of how well they are doing and what is needed in order to achieve targeted outcomes.

John is a true professional and genuinely cares about meeting the needs of the client, as well as caring about his operational employees. Through John’s skills in building client relationships, his effective leadership and motivation of employees, and implementation of operational improvements, he has achieved successful outcomes. John demonstrates a commitment to ‘partnership’, by collaborating with the client to ensure that both parties work together towards common goals

Christine Moore Aviva, Ireland

Relevant experience

  • Successfully delivered an operational change/efficiency programme which included stretching targets. This realised £1.7m across 8 accounts and included 2 site consolidation exercises.
  • Identified opportunities to strengthen regulatory compliance and took ownership of setting and delivering actions to meet a regulatory deadline that enabled the service to continue operating
  • Operationally led the implementation of two new services, one a closed pension book, the other being the first open book Life Protection on a ‘business to customer’ basis for the company. All operational deadlines and deliverables met through effective use of talent pool and appropriate monitoring activities.
  • Achieved a 15% improvement in staff engagement results through a structured approach to identifying and addressing concerns and ensuring regular communications issued, keeping all staff informed. Ensured quarterly business updates given face to face to all staff


  • Dec 1988 – Dec 1998: Lincoln Financial Group
  • Jan 1999 – May 2010: Vertex Financial Services
  • Aug 2010 – Jun 2011: Abtran, Ireland
  • Aug 2011 – Apr 2015: Capita Business Services


John really enjoys mountain walking, cooking and entertaining and more recently he has discovered the fun of gardening!