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A will to suit you


A will deals with more than just assets; they also cover essential aspects of an individual’s life and contain details such as who will care for your children and who will be the executor of your estate. By planning, you can give yourself time to consider implications such as inheritance tax and how your family will be cared for.

We offer a variety of wills to suit you and your needs. We can give the very best advice, bespoke and personal to you. Our lawyers are all people, not computers, and can, therefore, answer any questions or concerns you may have about making a will, just by picking up the phone. 

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Four simple steps

Making a will is a straightforward process, so we’ve detailed the four simple steps you need to take to get one done. 

  1. Answer our simple questions. You can start the process now by completing and submitting our form. All we need is your name and preferred contact details. 
  2. Clarification. One of our team will be in touch to confirm how you’d like things to be done. We’ll discuss the options available to you, and confirm a price. If your requirements are ‘simple’ we’ll be able to start drafting immediately. If your will is a little more complicated, we will discuss this further and outline the most appropriate options best suited to protect you, and your assets. 
  3. Write & review. One of our specialist lawyers will review all of the information and draft your bespoke will, ready for you to review. 
  4. Print and sign. When all is finalised and agreed, you’ll need to print and sign the will in the presence of two witnesses.