Brain injury compensation

We understand the impact of a brain injury on you and your family. Our specialist solicitors work with you to help you claim the brain injury compensation you need for treatment and rehabilitation to enable you to restore as much of your independence as possible. 

Our brain injury claims team has experience dealing with both complex brain injury claims in adults and brain injury cases involving children, particularly where the injury to the brain was caused during birth.  

No win, no fee brain injury claims

The majority of our claims are handled on a no win no, fee basis or a conditional fee agreement to use its technical term. This means there is no financial risk to you.

Step one in your compensation claim is to call or email and tell us about your brain or head injury, where and how it occurred and how severe the injuries are. You can call or email on behalf of yourself, a friend or a loved one. 

Based on the details you supply, our brain injury specialists will tell you how likely you'd be in making a successful claim and an estimated value of the claim.

Recent case studies

Six-figure claim for pedestrian

Mr H was a pedestrian when a motorist injured him in 2020. Mr H suffered significant physical injuries. Scans revealed a fractured pelvis, a C2 fracture in his neck, vertebral artery dissection and a severe traumatic brain injury.

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Settlement for tragic death of a baby

Miss C was taken to the hospital after her waters broke and her baby was born the following day. Sadly the baby suffered a brain injury due to reduced oxygen. The baby tragically died six days later.

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Six-figure post-traumatic brain injury claim

We successfully settled a six-figure claim for our client, Mr P, who was involved in a road traffic accident. Our client, Mr P, was involved in an accident. As a result, he suffered whiplash-type injuries. He also suffered a brain injury that was not immediately identified after the accident.

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