Recovering from negligent professionals to put right the damage caused to businesses, whether large companies or smaller enterprises, has been at the heart of our commercial litigation practice for over 20 years.

We work with you to decide on the optimum strategy to resolve the issue, balancing the cost to your business (both internally and its legal spend) with the commercial outcome that you want to achieve. Our focus is on project management to include early dispute avoidance and alternative dispute resolution.  We try to help our clients find an alternative and/or avoid, if possible, what could be time consuming and costly litigation.

If a court claim cannot be avoided then we are well resourced to handle all types of professional negligence claim, even the most complex and document heavy.  

 Our team of over 15 professional negligence lawyers has recently handled the following types of claim:

  • Recovering circ. £1m for a property development company whose option agreement was negligently drafted by their solicitor.
  • Claiming £7m for a company against its broker when its insurer failed to pay on a significant fire loss.
  • Several recent claims have been made against accountants who provided negligent advice to businesses on issues such as Employee Benefit Trusts, retirement relief and holdover relief.
  • Correcting title defects for another property developer when a property acquired was not compliant with planning permission.  We currently have a number of claims of this type in the context of negligence by surveyors and solicitors.
  • Another similar case in which we needed to correct an access issue for a lender on a high value property, arising out of solicitor negligence.
  • Numerous claims are underway relating to financial advisers who failed to advise properly in relation to Advance Payment Notices.
  • Recovering from solicitors where lease break clauses on business premises were not activated on time in accordance with instructions.

Case studies

We can offer arrangements for price certainty to allow you to budget accurately.  We can manage the entire dispute or just take on a specific aspect such as a disclosure exercise, depending on what resource you already have in place and how you want to manage the issue.


All of our funding options apply to business clients, including no-win, no-fee arrangements where you only pay our costs if we win (and your opponent should then already have paid the lion’s share). We can offer conditional fees and discounted fees to offer flexibility on funding your claim.  Hand in hand with advice on funding comes advice on minimising the risks by after the event insurance; we have significant experience in obtaining appropriate cover.