Companies are increasingly the subject of regulations. We offer a specialist all round service for clients who may be faced with regulatory investigations.

Health and Safety

Problems can arise even at the best run companies.  Some examples include:

  • Factory accidents that result in injury or death – e.g. a visitor to factory premises is run over by a forklift truck.

  • An employee is injured by a piece of equipment after being instructed to work in a part of the factory that he is unfamiliar with.

  • An employee is injured by sheets of metal falling on him which had not been stored safely in the employer’s factory.


Sometimes accidents happen such as:

  • A sewage overflow discharging effluent into a nearby stream and killing fish.

  • A company causing hazardous chemicals to escape from its factory and pollute a local river.

Reducing the risks for you

Our specialist lawyers have experience of the practical application of the law and can:

  • advise on best practice and company policy;
  • identify the risks within your business and advise on risk assessments;
  • implement robust frameworks to minimise the risk of non-compliance; and
  • advise on training techniques for your workforce

If things go wrong

We can assist you by:

  • advising on how to deal with the Regulator;

  • attending interviews with you and the Regulator;

  • representing you in court proceedings and at inquests;

  • advising on personal injury or other claims; and

  • advising on media interest in a particular case.