There are approximately 200,000 road traffic accidents in the UK each year. The most common injury affecting over 70% of car accident victims is whiplash.

Our team of whiplash solicitors’ deal with all types of personal injury and accident compensation including injuries sustained from car accidents and accidents at work. Our legal team are very experienced and can use their legal expertise to ensure you get the very best result and the maximum compensation for your whiplash claim.

Compensation calculator

Claims for whiplash compensation can be very complex, there are many things to be considered to calculate the value of your claim, the injuries you have, the impact they have had on your life and any long term implications. We have put together a compensation claims calculator guide to give you an indication of the value of claims for all types of personal injury and medical negligence cases. However, please call our team for your individual claim assessment where the value of your individual claim can be discussed. 

Average compensation amounts

With the majority of whiplash cases the symptoms of headaches, neck pain and mild mobility issues usually lasts a few days or possibly a few weeks. In these instances the average compensation amount is between £1,100 and £7,580. However, for severe neck injuries or trauma to the back and spine the pay-out can be up to £119,900 or higher for very severe injuries.  

Neck Injuries Estimated compensation value
Severe Neck Injuries £36,700 - £125,475
Moderate Neck Injuries £6,300 - £32,550
Minor Neck Injuries £700 - £6,615
Shoulder Injuries Estimated compensation value
Shoulder Injuries £15,500 - £40,740
Serious Shoulder Injuries £10,300 - £16,275
Moderate Shoulder Injuries £6,300 - £10,815
Minor Shoulder Injuries £3,500 - £6,615
Fractured Clavicle £4,100 - £10,185

No win no fee whiplash claims

We are able to offer no win no fee claims for whiplash cases. This means there is no financial risk to you. In the rare instances where a claim is not successful there are no fees for you to pay. (The technical term for this type of agreement is a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA).

There are other funding options available to you; we can discuss this with you as part of the claims assessment process. If you would like further details on the options to fund a claim please give us a call or read our personal injury guide.

What can I claim for?

Compensation claims for whiplash tend to be broken down into two main errors. Damages that relate to the extent of your injuries and the effect these injuries have on your present life and your life in the future. The compensation you receive for general damages is determined by the guidelines set out by the Judicial Studies Board; please see our compensation calculator for an indication of compensation awards.

Special damages relate to out of pocket expenses; these could be for things like travel expenses, loss of earnings, care whilst recovering and additional household costs while you recover. 

Should you claim?

You, like most people have paid car insurance for many years and never made a claim. The insurance you pay for is designed to cover any financial help you may need as the result of an accident. If you have an injury that has caused you pain or a financial loss then you have a legal right to claim.

Claims management companies

You may find that your insurance company encourage you to use their preferred suppliers to claim for whiplash. These are usually claims management companies rather than qualified solicitors. It’s important to understand that lots of claim management companies do not use solicitors to support them which can have an impact on the success of your claim. In these instances your claim would not be able to go to court should it need to; unfortunately this is a growing trend and has led to a significant increase in claims being undervalued, meaning you do not receive the full compensation you are entitled to. 

Time Limits

As with all compensation cases there is a time limit for making a claim. It is three years from the date you were injured or the date you became aware of the injury, usually in whiplash cases this is the date of the accident or a few days later when your injury became apparent.

Whiplash claims

The first part of the claims process is to call or email us with the details of your claim and injuries, we’ll listen to the details of your accident, where and how it happened. We’ll need to know who else was involved and who may have witnessed the accident.  We can then help advise you on whether you are likely to have a successful claim for whiplash compensation.  

Whiplash is an injury to the neck, most commonly caused by a road traffic accident when the impact of another vehicle hitting you causes your head to be thrown forward resulting in trauma to your neck.

After any accident it is important to be seen by a doctor to rule out any unseen injuries. The most common symptoms include a stiff neck, headache and occasionally problems with your vision. 

The compensation your receive for your whiplash claim is designed to get you back on your feet, so you are in the same position as you were before your accident. The amount you are awarded will take into consideration your injuries and any out of pocket expenses.

“Jeanette Whyman of Wright Hassall LLP is an experienced and knowledgeable practitioner who is well regarded for her sensitivity in difficult cases. A client says she is 'first-class and lovely to deal with'"

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Our team

Our team are experts in whiplash claims; they have helped hundreds of people secure the compensation they are legally entitled to. It is important when dealing with solicitors that you use someone who is a genuine expert in personal injury so they can assess your claim and secure the maximum compensation you are entitled to. 

Our team is led by Jeanette Whyman, an accredited injury law expert. Jeanette is accredited by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and the Law Society. She has also been recognised by Chambers 2017 where a client described her as “first class and lovely to deal with” so you can feel secure in the knowledge you’re in professional hands.

Unlike claims management companies, we are a professional law firm; we are therefore bound by the regulations of the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)

We advise people all across the UK on whiplash compensation but have a particular strength in advising people in Midlands, including Birmingham, Solihull, Coventry, Leamington Spa and Warwick.

We are able to advise people on how to make a whiplash compensation claim when they have been injured through no fault of their own. Our approach is straightforward and realistic; focusing on how to achieve the best outcome for you in what can be a difficult and stressful situation.