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Posted on 16 July 2020

Dummy with the words premature rupture of membranes
baby toy with the words chorioamnionitis
Giraffe toy with the words pre-eclampsia
Teddy bear with the words placental abruption
Doll with the words prolapsed umbilical cords
Toy train with the words down's syndrome
Toy elephant with the words edward's syndrome
Teddy bear with the words turner's syndrome
ABC blocks with words obstetric fistula
Baby mobile with words fractured bones
Baby's caterpillar toy with words skull fractures
Toy dinosaur with the words oxygen deprivation
baby rattle with the word forceps and vacuum extraction
Teddy bear with the words horner's syndrome
baby doll with the words epidural birth injuries
Baby ball with the words meconium aspiration syndrome
Rabbit toy with the words retained placenta
Wax crayon with the words subconjunctival haemorrhage
Baby rattle with words caput succedaneum
Rocking horse with words jaundice
Toy plane with the words necrotising enterocolitis
Toy boat with the words Hirschsprung's disease
dinosaur toy with the words group b strep infection
Robot toy with the words bells palsy
toy car with the words brachial plexus injury
toy duck on wheels with the words cerebral palsy
Toy boat with the words infant brain damage
Toy duck with the words dystonia

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