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The Commercial Rent Arrears (Coronavirus) Bill - a route map to new normal

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Posted on 23 November 2021

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18 April 2024 Bras: should they be subject to VAT?

There has been much discussion in the media and on social media subsequent to calls for bras not to be subject to VAT. In this article, we will set the debate on a factual footing and consider the broader context of the subject.

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15 April 2024 Suppressing stale shareholder disputes

For several decades has assumed that there is no limitation on the period within which minority shareholders can bring an unfair prejudice claim. But the Court of Appeal has now held that statutory limitation does apply to this remedy, and that the exact period of limitation depends on the type of relief being asked for. This has implications for all company directors and shareholders involved in corporate disputes.

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15 April 2024 Repetitive service charge disputes

The case of Connell & Lynn v Beal Developments Ltd, Eastman Securities Ltd and Burton Waters Management Company [2024] UKUT 54 (LC) considered the potential costs risk for leaseholders who wish to challenge service charges already determined by another neighbour’s application.

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