Friday 24th June 2016 – the UK’s referendum on EU membership concluded with a 52%-48% vote to leave, shocking the markets and prompting a Prime Ministerial resignation. There are wide-ranging implications for immigration law and policy.

Since immigration was a driving issue in the campaign, businesses employing migrants are anxious to understand the impacts and plan ahead. Inevitably there is uncertainty; the detail and timing are matters for negotiation with our European partners and Parliamentary decisions which will play out over months and years. The overall message is: prepare, but do not panic. Nothing will change overnight. No Government wants to choke off a skills base on which business relies.

This briefing note answers some of the main questions and sets out what we believe is the most likely direction for business immigration – with the proviso that nobody knows for certain what will happen and when. Much of the law in this area has never been tested. There will be a long and complex exercise in which the UK decouples domestic and European law, effectively choosing which elements to keep or discard.

About the author

Matthew Davies Partner

Matthew is an expert in business immigration law, advising employers, business people and investors on how best to navigate the complexities of the UK’s immigration rules and minimising delays, costs and risks in hiring talent from overseas.

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