Fitness tracking sheep

Our romanticised, and already incorrect, image of a shepherd huddling into their hut with a warm bowl of soup, after a long day of caring for their sheep, needs to be updated.

Changing pattern of land ownership

Have market pressures changed the pattern of land ownership? Have investors deliberately targeted land to take advantage of the huge premium conferred on land values by the granting of planning permission for development? Or are farmers consolidating and growing their existing holdings in order to create more economically viable units?

CAP reform update

The majority of the guidelines relating to land eligibility, number of entitlements, active farmer requirements and greening have not changed substantially over the past 12 months. The two main areas of change are the means of registering for BPS and the announcement of the new RDPE which was agreed in February and will cover the new agri-environment scheme, Countryside Stewardship, some elements of which are already open for applications.

Closing time for the beer tie?

The Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill has received a lot of media commentary. This Bill, currently nearing the end of its journey through the House of Lords could, if passed, mean that the large, licenced premises’ landlords, the “PubCos” will be required to offer a “Market Rent Only” option to their tenants at certain stages, falling before and during their tenancy, making the notion of a “tied house” a thing of the past.
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