February 2017 Archive

Inheritance Tax (“IHT”) Reliefs

There are certain assets which, when transferred, may be subject to tax relief thus reducing the amount of IHT payable, even reducing it to zero. The two most common reliefs are business property relief (“BPR”) and agricultural property relief (“APR”) and are available both for lifetime gifts and on death.

Getting your business ready for sale

Before beginning the process of finding a buyer, or once a willing buyer has expressed an interest in your business, it is vital that you are organised and arrange your business affairs in such a way which will help any potential buyer with their initial due diligence into your company prior to any formal offer being made.

HS2 announces development partner

On the 9th February HS2 Ltd announced the appointment of its development partner and engineering and environment consultants for Phase 2b (the sections between Crewe and Manchester and between the West Midlands and Leeds) as CH2M, the same company appointed for Phase 1.

Must know legislation for retailers

The empty shops in some towns will attest that the enthusiasm for online shopping continues unabated. It’s not just consumers who like the convenience; traders can reach a much larger audience, reduce rent, rates and staff costs, and run an ‘open all hours’ operation.

Seasonal Agriculture Workers Needed: Apply Within

Since SAWS was terminated in 2013, the NFU has expressed serious concerns about a potential shortage of labour available for agricultural and horticultural businesses. Whilst the harvest in 2014 was little affected, the impact four years down the line is potentially catastrophic.
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