Debt recovery

Facebook can be used to notify debtors of court orders

A recent case has confirmed that if Debtors ignore bankruptcy proceedings they can have details of Orders made against them posted on their Facebook page by Trustees in Bankruptcy. It appears that this is the first time a Trustee in Bankruptcy has been authorised to use social media to notify a Debtor. This is welcome news for Trustees particularly where they are dealing with difficult Debtors who have failed to co-operate.

The Mortgage Repossession Act 2010

The Mortgage Repossession (Protection of Tenants etc) Act 2010 came into force at the beginning of October 2010. The Act and its supporting regulations provide some limited protection for unauthorised tenants (tenants occupying without the consent of the landlord’s lender) in residential property to bring them broadly in line with the safeguards afforded to authorised tenants under the Protection From Eviction Act 1977.

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