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The General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (“GDPR”): What does this this mean for data processors?

Whilst there are a plethora of articles and briefings on the GDPR the focus has been on the changes to current data protection legislation (“DP Legislation”) which will increase a data subject’s rights to access and control its personal data and the impact this will have on a data controller.

The gig is up!

In just a few short years, gig economy companies (GECs) such as Uber, Deliveroo and Airbnb have become part of the fabric of modern life, using large numbers of individuals engaged on self-employed contracts to provide services to us all with just a few taps of our smart phones.

Software licensing - does a sub-licence automatically terminate on termination of the head licence?

The High Court has recently confirmed that it is possible for a sub-licence to survive termination of its head licence. In the case of VLM Holdings Limited v Ravensworth Digital Services Limited Ltd the court held that in determining whether a sub-licence automatically terminates on termination of the head licence, it is necessary to consider the scope of the authority given by the head licensee to the sub-licensee.

Supply chain contracts and the risk of exchange rate fluctuations

International supply chain contracts have the added risk of exchange rate fluctuations. A recent Court of Appeal decision underlines the importance of dealing expressly with this issue in the contract. In the case of Proctor & Gamble v Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget SCA (2012) the court refused to imply a term for the benefit of the buyer who was adversely affected by variations to the euro/sterling exchange rate.
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