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Guide to Reputation Management

Benjamin Franklin said that many, many years ago. It is now more true than ever but might be rephrased: only one bad review or social media post to lose it. The changing media environment leaves a company having to deal with a wide variety of publications; from the traditional print and broadcast media; to instant social media and dedicated review sites.

How to write a letter of complaint

At some point, whether business or personal, most people are going to have to write a letter of complaint. This could be against your bank, your professional advisor or any company whose service of product has left you feeling frustrated and displeased. Most issues of this type can be resolved swiftly with a firm, but polite, letter of complaint.

Personal Insolvency Guide

A statutory demand is a formal written demand for payment of a debt (in excess of £750) within 21 days. It must be issued in the correct form. There are prescribed forms on the Insolvency Service website. It may only be issued for undisputed debts; the creditor must genuinely believe the debt is valid and the debtor must not have raised an objection to the debt’s validity. It may induce the debtor to pay, but there are risks for the creditor.
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