If you have injured your ankle in an accident that was not your fault you may be able to claim compensation. Our team of medical negligence and personal injury lawyers will be able to assess your claim and advise on the action you need to take. 

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How much is your claim worth?

The figures below are for guidance only. For details of other claim amounts, please go back to our compensation calculator.

Ankle Injuries Estimated Compensation Value  
Severe Ankle Injuries £25,200 - £59,115
Moderate Ankle Injuries £11,100 - £22,575
Minor Ankle Injuries  £11,655

Our expert team of solicitors have over 25 years’ experience of handling complex and sometimes legally challenging medical and personal injury cases including injuries sustained to ankles and feet, back and spinal injuries and head and brain injuries.

Claiming for ankle injuries

There are two different types of claims for ankles, ankle pain compensation and ankle sprain claims.


On the whole there are three different types of claims for spraining your ankle, these are graded from one to three, with a grade three ankle sprain meaning a complete tear of one of more ligaments. Ankle sprains are injuries to your ligaments, this could be a sprain, tear or complete tear of the ligament.  

These types of injuries tend to be caused in trip and slip accidents in the workplace or out in public, pavements or shopping centres. If your slip was caused by the negligence of someone else, on a wet surface without a warning sign for example then you may be able to claim compensation.


Ankle pain can be caused by many factors, you may have been involved in a road traffic accident or injured in your place or work, or your ankle pain may have been caused by medical negligence. Once of the key factors in valuing a claim is pain and suffering as well as financial loss and the impact the injuries have had on your life.

Ankle pain varies greatly; you may have short term pain caused by a sprain or a more serious injury or fracture to your ankle which needs surgery to rectify your injury, this will affect your mobility and could impact your life moving forward.

Ankle Injury Compensation

If you’ve been injured in an accident or due to someone else’s negligence you could be entitled to claim for compensation to cover your pain and future needs.

The importance of expertise

In newspapers, on TV and radio you will have been bombarded with adverts for “Personal Injury Solicitors”. Personal injury is a complex area of law, it is important if you have been injured that you work with a genuine expert in this field, rather than seek generic legal advice or you may not receive all the compensation you are entitled to.  

Our solicitors

We have a well-respected team of recognised experts in both personal injury and medical negligence. The team is managed by Jeanette Whyman, a recognised expert in her field.

Jeanette is accredited by the Law Society and the Association of Personal Injury Solicitors, many of her medical negligence cases have been featured in the national press. Our team are well regarded as being experts in serious injury cases involving both medical negligence and personal injury.

Our team successfully secure compensation for hundreds of clients every year.

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