Our team of personal injury solicitors have over 25 years’ experience dealing with hip and pelvis injury compensation claims.

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How much is your claim worth? 

Below is a table of compensation amounts, these are for guidance only. For further details please see our compensation calculator.

Injuries to the Pelvis and Hips Estimated Compensation Value
Severe Pelvis and Hips Injuries £31,600 - £111,090
Moderate Pelvis and Hips Injuries £10,100 - £33,180
Minor Pelvis and Hips Injuries up to £10,815
Lesser Injuries  up to £3,255

The value of your claim is dependent on many factors, these are all personal to you depending on the extent of your injuries and the impact the injury has had on your life and your future life.  When your claim is assessed any financial impact the injuries have had on you is also taken into account, as well as any care or rehabilitation you may need.

No win no fee injury claims

Many of our clients worry about the cost of seeking legal advice for their personal injury claim. The vast majority of cases we work on are taken on a no win no fee basis so there is no financial risk to you. There are other funding options available to you; we will discuss this as part of your free consultation.

If you feel you have a personal injury claim for hip or pelvis injuries the first stage of the claims process is to call us or email us with the details of your claim. We need to know how you were injured, where you were, on the road, at work or in a public place. We’ll also need to know who else was there, either involved in the accident or as a witness. We’ll also need the details of your injuries, any medical diagnosis and the impact that this has had on your life both physically and financially.

Based on the details you tell us we will be able to assess your claim and advise you on how likely it would be for you to be able to claim compensation. If we think you have a valid claim we will also be able to give you an estimated value for the claim and advise you on the next stages in the process.

The advertising world is awash with adverts for “Personal Injury Solicitors” but it is important you choose to work with a genuine expert because increasingly claims are being undervalued, meaning you do not receive the amount of compensation you are entitled to. 

Our team of personal injury specialists have over 25 years’ experience successfully pursing personal injury claims, including claims for hips and pelvis injuries from road traffic and work accidents. Many of our medical negligence cases are reported in the National Press.

Our head of department is Jeanette Whyman, she is accredited by both the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and the Law Society for Clinical Negligence. She was described in Chambers 2015 by a client as “first class and lovely to deal with” so you can feel confident you’re in safe hands and that your claim will be dealt with efficiently and professionally.

Jeanette and her team have helped hundreds of people successfully claim compensation for a variety of personal injuries from whiplash and neck injuries through to head and brain injuries. Through their experience our team are very aware that claiming for any type of personal injury, particularly hip and pelvis injuries which can be very painful and have a direct impact on your mobility can be a very emotional time. You can rest assured your claim will be handled with professionalism and care.

We work with a network of expert witnesses; these are professionals we call upon to give evidence and opinion to support your claim. These professionals look at your medical records and the details of your injuries. They also assess the impact the injuries have had on your life and the likely impact for your future life. They also look at any care or rehabilitation you may need and how that will be funded.

Our first job is to provide you with an assessment of your claim, at no cost to you.

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Time limits

As with all personal injury claims there are strict time limits imposed on when you can make a claim for hip or pelvis injuries. Usually you have three years from the ‘date of knowledge’; this usually applies when the injury is not immediately apparent. For these reasons it’s important you seek expert legal advice as soon as you know of an issue.

Hip injuries

The most common type of hip injuries for personal injury compensation come from two main areas, road traffic accidents can often cause broken hips and pelvis due to the impact and speeds involved in traffic accidents. Further to this motorcycle accidents can cause serious injuries including shattered hips and pelvis. Accidents at work or in public places are also a common cause of hips injuries, especially to the elderly. Slips where you fall onto hard surfaces often cause broken bones.  

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