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Employment law update: February 2022

What’s likely to be new in employment law this year?

Tina Talks - UK Employment Law

Our Head of Employment Law, Tina Chander is back on her favourite couch answering questions from employers and employees on UK employment law. This month she covers the furlough scheme, redundancies, settlement agreements and dismissals.

Employment Law Update: March 2024

Welcome to our March 2024 edition, read on to find out more about upcoming changes in relation to Employment Law.

Employment Law Update: April 2024

Welcome to our April 2024 edition in which we cover increases to the Vento bands, Employment Tribunal compensation limits and Statutory Caps; government guidance on holiday pay; recent changes to the immigration rules; and a case update dealing with the need to make reasonable adjustments for an employee with a disability.

Uncertain Times - An Employment Law Perspective

With the recent rises in costs for many everyday essentials, including the likes of fuel, gas and electricity bills, and increasing interest rates, a number of businesses have been forced to undertake reviews of their financial position and consider where they can make some cuts to their overheads to ensure financial stability for uncertain times ahead.

Employment law update: February 2024

We appreciate that a number of these changes were covered in our January update, however it is vital that employers keep them in mind, as relevant policies will require updating to reflect the upcoming changes, as well as these being reflected in practice.

Employment law experts Mock Employment Tribunal event

In 2019 our employment law team hosted a series of employment law events for local businesses and HR teams including the very successful Mock Tribunal session in September 2019.

How will Brexit affect employment law

Over the last 4 ½ years, thousands of newspaper columns have speculated on the eventual outcome of the UK’s decision to leave the EU. Now the moment has almost arrived, it is worth reviewing what this will mean for employment law, probably the most heavily EU-influenced area of law in UK legislation.

Employment Law Update: May & June 2024

Welcome to our May and June 2024 edition in which we cover workers' rights being a key battleground in the general election, TUPE reform, WorkWell pilots, the Employment (Allocation of Tips) Act 2023, Fire and rehire: Statutory Code, Sir Robert Buckland's review of autism employment and a case update of an employee who was awarded £4.6 million in her Employment Tribunal.

The WHorld of Employment Law Episode 3: What’s on the horizon? Legislative changes to employment law in 2024

Our first podcast of 2024 looks at the upcoming changes to employment law this year. Join Sophie Wahba, Associate and Gemma Clark, Solicitor as they dive deeper into the legislative changes that you need to be aware of.